Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kawartha Lakes Families and Mayor Challenge Themselves to Go Green at Home with David Suzuki's Queen of Green

Recently I was so excited to connect with David Suzuki's Queen of Green on twitter- I have taken allot of advice from her over the years. She told me about her green coaching program and I immediately signed up for the same reasons I started this blog- to help people see that making environmentally conscious choices is good for your health, it is easy, and it saves you money.

I have recruited families and I will shepherd them (with the Queen of Green's support) through four modules of green living: waste, toxics, food, and community action. I will help them pick achievable goals and motivate them to succeed.

I know that change is not easy or quick, I know most certainly even as a seasoned greeny that I am not perfect. That is why I love the judge free, fun way that the Queen of Green has designed this program. I am so excited that I was able to get 8 households on board, including the Mayor of The City of Kawartha Lakes!

Protecting our lakes and the environment is so important to me and I'm happy to show people how they as individuals can make a difference. I will also be up'ing my game and trying a few new things during this 12 week program. Stay tuned for stories of success (and challenges) as these families go green!

For more info on David Suzuki's Queen of Green visit

Julia Taylor

Look how much positive things my 'families' are already doing!

"We really try to recycle all things, I use green friendly moisturizer and body wash , I like to use lemon and vinegar for cleaning rather than bleach, and I’ve recently starting buying natural wood cleaner for furniture and just general house hold cleaner as well, and we try to buy more organic and healthy fruits and veggies to add to our diets." -Jess

"Things I do to live green: recycle/compost, purchase about 50% organic food and try to by local as much as I can, purchase non-toxic cleaning and personal hygiene toiletries/laundry soap, support local farmers/markets, buy low VOC paint, donate, purchase clothing at used/consignment stores." - Maggie

"Recycling, use only green cleaning and beauty products. Eat organic. Recycle clothes, toys, ect. Neighbourhood clean ups on Earth Day. Try to have 1 garbage bag of garbage a week ( we try!! Lol).Try to conserve energy as much as possible and teach our son to help the planet" - Nadia

"We recycle batteries, and all green and blue box items. We send all used clothing to recycle drop boxes and use Value Village for house hold items ( nick nacks ).We are also conscious of hydro time usage. In our business, we donate used renovation materials to the restore to save on landfill fee's. I use cloth bags to carry groceries home. We are always looking for new ways to lesson our foot print on our green earth."- Molly and Steve

"We recycle as much as we can and we are changing out to energy efficient light bulbs as others give out. "- Andy

"We buy local meat, fruit and veg from the St Lawrence market which supports our local farmers. We use regular Dish soap and laundry soap but everything else we buy is green works brand and
all of Jackson's products (bubble bath, diaper cream, lotions etc) are organic"-Rena

"Currently I recycle, save plastic bags, containers and nearly all glass. I utilize reusable shopping bags but need 2 reusable "cooler" bags for produce.I personally use green shampoo/toothpaste/body wash/biodegradable laundry detergent/dish soap etc ."-Shannon