Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Write a Letter to a Company or Politician

If something pisses you off don't just bitch and moan about it- do something about it!

But you better be sweet about it
if you want people to listen...

First paragraph- Spread it on
Start off by thanking them for what they do and how the service they provide is important. Dig deep if you need to and be earnest, you may even have to research them. They key here is if you want to be respected- show respect.

Second Paragraph- Tell your story
Without being overly dramatic tell your story of why their decision/product/service has directly effected you and how it did whatever it did to piss you off. Finish this paragraph with some understanding "I can relate to having a bad day a work..."

Third Paragrpaph- The solution
Offer a solution or two, or ask for one- and make sure you offer help in achieving this new policy or target.

Closing Paragraph- Ask for closure
Say your thank you's and ask for a response/decision/or some sort of follow through.

Writing this type of letter is going to be way more productive than putting someone down and telling them how much they suck, it might not get you what you want but I guarantee your chances of getting a response are far better. Don't forget to make sure you are sending the letter or having the conversation with the right person, and keep it as short as you can.

If this doesn't work- just take care of it your self (if applicable) like the Fenelon Falls Take Back The Beach group is doing. They are sick of the bird crap so they are going to organize people to clean it up! Brilliant!

Has this ever worked for you? Would you add anything to it?
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Julia Taylor

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am a selfish volunteer!

Volunteering is a way to give back to the community...blah blah blah!  Guess what- I do it for me, myself, and I !

I'm pretty sure I get way more out of volunteering than the organizations I'm helping here is why;

I get to help the organizations that I think are doing great things achieve their goals and it make ME feel like I did something good for the community/world. It gives ME purpose and meaning.
I get to meet people who are like me, that care about the things I care about- I get to make friends. ME!
I get to fill up my resume with skills that I never would have had before, for example If I tried to apply for an environmental job my business experience would probably never get me an interview, but now that I have experience working on environmental initiatives I just might get a chance- another win for ME!
I meet people in the industry, thus getting me closer to that interview for that job I want- a career doing something I love, that sounds like something that only benefits ME! (you might also get to get up close and personal with a celebrity like I did with David Suzuki's Queen of Green) 
I have fun at these community events- ME!
I get insider access to places and I get to hang out at these places with my kids- so more fun for my family and ME.
I get free shirts and hats with the graphics of the organizations I love- free clothing for ME!

I have never had more purpose and meaning in my life since I decided I wanted to get out there and volunteer, meet my peeps, and make a difference- I hope you will consider how much volunteering can add to your life and set out to find out how you can help yourself to all of these awesome things!

Here is a list of Kawartha Lakes environmental organizations.

Thanks for reading my blog!
Julia Taylor

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Living with an 'over the top' environmental steward

Am I a crazy person?? Does my husband roll his eyes and poke fun at me about my eco ways when I'm not around??

One of my friends made a comment the other day that I must be hard to live with, you know because I make my husband use homemade toothpaste- it made me I?? So I asked. This could have gone south pretty fast-surprisingly it went very well. What I loved the most is that he answered without hesitation and with confidence, he knew the answers and had no doubts. He also asked if he would be paid for his interview- I told him he could have all the proceeds from this blog post, haha zero dollars; I'm not in this for the money!

So here is q&a with my husband who has to live with me...the green eco freak... or my favorite- an environmental steward.

Q; What is life like living with a person who is over the top committed to the environment?
A; It is my life. It doesn't inconvenience me and I'm glad that you find happiness in something your so passionate about.

Q; Would you do anything different if I was away for 6 months?
A; Probably not. Possibly cleaning with chemicals but than I would probably realize that I cant stand inhaling the stuff and switchback.

Q; So you would make homemade laundry soap and toothpaste?
A; Yes, to save the money. Laundry soap for sure, don't know about the toothpaste.

Q; Would you keep up on the clean eating?
A; That is probably where I would slip, for myself- but not the kids. I know the importance of eating real food and that junk is only ok once and a while.

Q: Has my green ways spread into your thought process outside of the work? (he is a carpenter)
A; Not as much when it comes to materials for a job, but I definitely try not to drive around if I don't have to- I can call places or search online instead of heading over to the store.

Q; So you don't think I'm crazy?
A; No, your smart, you save us money- and stuff. Sometimes it can be frustrating but it is right. At the end of the day it is the right choice and although sometimes it can be inconvenient it is not a huge inconvenience.

Q; Hard question to answer, but do you think you would be the same without my influence?
A; I would be a very different person, I would still be a little conscious like I would not litter and I would recycle but in the garage I had some bad habits.

Q; Could you ever go back?
A; No I couldn't not be conscious of the importance of protecting the environment now, I have kids and I want to protect them, I might flex a bit, but over all, no.

Phew!! He doesn't hate me, well I guess I knew that, but he doesn't hate that we live a little different than the average family, he thinks what we are doing is right, and I don't drive him crazy. So in conclusion, Il keep up the good work of reducing our families footprint because it is not a huge inconvenience but makes a huge difference.

So there you have it green avengers- keep up the good work, it is appreciated by those around you!

Our family on Canada Day in Fenelon Falls checking out the hydro electric generating station.

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Julia Taylor

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Look how small changes make a big difference!

I tried allot of new things in the past three months, did you?

4 Modules 8 Families and 12 weeks later- the world is a little greener. All thanks to David Suzuki's Queen of Green (Lindsay Coulter). She started green coaching 1 family and a few years later 2times a year she is leads 65 coaches who each green 5 families. Next up she will be recruiting coaches to recruit coaches who recruit families!! Talk about making a difference in Canada and to our environment.

She taught us to encourage people to make small green changes through listening, compassion, and understanding. She taught us that being who we are meant to be improves ours, and our whole communities lives. The better we are the better everyone is, and some times fulfilling that can be scary- but she gave us courage. Courage to stand up for what we believe in and show others that they can do the same. She taught us that every little change makes a difference. She developed us into environmental leaders with a purpose. Purpose in our community, in our home, and on this very important place we call home; Earth.

So a big thanks to Lindsey for exploding green all over this country, and a big thank you to my families who enthusiastically participated in the Green Living Challenge. I learned so much and I hope you did too!

Here are all those small changes my families made in their lives that equal a big difference...
Module 1 Waste
Buy products made from recycled products (toilette paper, paper towel, garbage bags) x4
Use less single use/disposable products
Stop using produce bags x2
Compost x4
Recycle better x4
Switch to Diva Cup x2
Bring reusable containers grocery shopping for counter/bulk
Refuse extra waste
Go paperless
Stop using K cups
Use cloth grocery bags
Up-cycle more

Module 2 Food
Meatless Mondays x2
Grow organic food x2
Preserve food x2
Eat more organic/avoid dirty dozen x3
Buy happy eggs
Eating more seasonal x2
Meal plan x2
Eat more local x2
Plant flowers for bees x2
Buy sustainable seafood
Eat less dairy

Module 3 Toxics
Switch to vinegar for cleaning x4
Replacing frying pans with out PFOA when time comes up x3
Make own candles
Try out eco or DIY soaps/detergents/beauty products x7
Buy glass instead of cans

Module 4 Community
Participate in or host a litter clean up
Find women’s circle
Find local green spaces
Host a DIY beauty product party

Here is the goals I picked...

DIY Toothpaste- love it
DIY Dish soap-huge fail
‘No Poo’ shampoo- 50/50 on this still
Switched to the Diva Cup- love it
Hosted a litter clean up/adopted my road
Buy a yogurt maker-future goal

Maybe you would like to be a Queen of Green Coach in the next Green Living Challenge? Stay tuned this fall for your opportunity!!

Cheers to The Queen of Green and The David Suzuki Foundation for the important work they do in our national community, be sure to follow them and support them in any way you can!

Thanks for reading my blog! I have been at it for a few months now and would love to hear your feedback, or maybe there is something you want me to post about??

Julia Taylor

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why I FUCKING LOVE Gamiing Nature Centre

Do you like to feel healthy, happy, and smart? All it takes is some time at Gamiing Nature Centre!

Excuse my language, I think Im still high on forest! Since the start of May I have been going out to Gamiing weekly and let me tell you I cannot get enough of this place. Every time I discover a new trail, a different feature, or learn some interesting fact about the land or the wildlife from the staff- I love it even more.

Gamiing has all different types and intensity levels of trails that are very accessible; and endless things to discover- plus listening to Steve geek out on turtles and frogs is very educational. (you can find him kickin around most days)

It also hosts some wicked events. Last Saturday I attended the Summer Lakeshore Festival with Birds of Prey by Matt the Birdman. It was awesome! Matt the Birdman had the birds perched in the field so we could get an up close look before the show, and during the show we got an even closer look as he flew them around our heads, landed on our heads,  and even let us pet them. Every person and child there had a chance to 'fly' the falcon, including my 2.5 year old! He was very knowledgeable and humorous and really had all of or attention, yes even my 2.5 year old sat still and paid attention the whole time- that's how good this guy was. An educational, interactive, and awe inspiring show- you don't want to miss it the next time it is in town.

Trails for your health, the discovery shack, events, and other educational info on the trails for your brain, and forest vibes for your happiness - Gamiing improves your life. Guaranteed!

Thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to join me in the woods at Gamiing, Im there once a week at least!