Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Do you remember the presents you got for Christmas when you were a kid?

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Back in Grade 6 at Langton PS in Mr Somer's class I won an essay writing contest with The Fenelon Falls Gazette about the meaning of Christmas.

I wrote about giving instead of receiving- probably trying to score brownie points to get more presents. If only I had of known all of the things I know now back then...

“Dear 11 year old Julia,

It is me, Julia- the smarter, older you from the future. I'm writing to tell you that I do not remember one single gift that I received at Christmas, or any gift I gave, nor do the people that received these gifts remember what I gave them. 

What I do remember is how my mom let me decorate the house and the tree, and even her restaurant. I remember fondue on Christmas Eve and family meals around my grandparent’s tables. I remember having the whole week to hang out with my brothers and staying in our pyjamas for the whole Christmas day.

I’m telling you this because Christmas is not about giving or receiving, it is about time. Time spent with people that you love, and if I could trade in every Barbie and Ninja Turtle doll that I got, I would trade it for more time with my family to make more memories. So when you write your meaning of Christmas essay and your letter to Santa ask for presence not presents.

Ask for experiences."

This Christmas show your love to your family and this beautiful earth by giving presence not presents.

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Julia Taylor
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

World's Greenest Gingerbread House

This is my entry for the Gingerbread House Competition at Fenelon Falls Santa Day. Not a winner but received an honourable mention and a 'Participant' ribbon.

The judges said allot of people were talking about it and asking about it! There was really awesome entries and I will step it up for next year now that I know how real it is.

Thanks to my friend Wendy for helping me put it together!

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Merry Christmas!

Julia Taylor

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Merry Waste-Less

"Let us be protectors of creation, protectors of one another, and the environment" 

-Pope Francis

Since Christmas is originally about Jesus Christ I thought it appropriate to share this quote. As we prepare for the busiest holiday of them all we can prepare also to reduce our waste- a big part of protecting our environment.

Here is a list of wasteful items found at the holiday feast and they're zero waste alternatives.

Paper plates and plastic utensils

Use regular dishes and utensils, if you do not have enough, grab a set really cheap at the Salvation Army, and if you don't have room in the cupboard for sets of extra plates throw them in a box and stash them away until the next family dinner, even if you are not hosting next time you could offer to bring them, reducing waste over and over again!

Paper napkins and paper towels

Use washable napkins and tea towels, you know the fancy napkins are sitting in the drawer for special events, well this is their time to shine!

Saran wrap, Tinfoil, and ziplock baggies

Use tupperwear and cooking dishes with lids, you could also invest in reusable cake/pie trays or bigger tupperwear pieces for these types of occasions. I grabbed a corning wear dish with a glass lid for roasting vegetables at the Salvation Army for $4!

Plastic trays from pre cooked foods

Use reusable containers and take them to shop at a local bakery/butcher. If you do end up buying some save them for next time or fill them with your own home cooked goods. The same goes for chocolate too, find a local chocolate maker- your gonna thank me for this one, you will never eat factory chocolate again!

Grocery and produce bags

Don't forget your cloth bags and try to not use produce bags- I know that allot of people are uncomfortable with this idea, so just try it for produce that you cut the skin off to eat (squash, melons, bananas, ect..)

You might have allot of this stuff kicking around or you might have to invest a few bucks, but for every pound of plastic refused or reused we save a pound of climate pollution from entering our air!

Don't forget to have a plan to deal with all that extra recycling!

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Julia Taylor

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How To Green Your Christmas Décor- No DIY

Save green by going green this Christmas.

I 'Martha Stewart-ed ' this Christmas tree at the Salvation Army in Fenelon Falls.

Real talk- It is definitely missing something. I could tell you that the picture doesn't do it justice, or that I was leaving that last final touch to your imagination, but the truth is I made the super smart decision to attempt this with my 1.5, and 3 year old- big thanks to the staff who put up with us for this endeavour to show the world how much quality, nice, clean, Christmas décor second hand stores have.

The amount of Christmas stuff at this location is insane, I could have decorated 10 trees with just the stuff available for purchase, (tree's included) not including the 6 plus skids yet to be sorted in the back.

The point I'm trying to make is 

The resources and pollution that go into making and shipping all of this plastic décor is terrible for our environment, and by environment- I mean our health. Equally as harmful is this stuff sitting in a landfill breaking down for 500 years after we are through with it, and you know that is where it ends up eventually.

We need this earth more than we need Christmas décor for one month a year, and reducing our consumption of new goods is one of the most powerful things we can personally do to reduce our footprint on this place we call home.

Consider shopping second hand next time you need anything- you are going to be so surprised how much quality used merch is at these places. My favourite for selection and price in Kawartha Lakes is the giant Salvation Army Thrift Store in Fenelon Falls(check out all of the amazing stuff this organization does here)

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Julia Taylor