Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Learn to Read Music for Free in Lindsay

How To Read Music

Wednesday nights 
Sept 23 to October 26 2015
6 pm  

How to Read Music (for beginners and experienced musicians who skipped that step). 
Instructed by Wendy Mortimer

Musicians communicate precisely how to play a song by writing notes in a way that is a “code” that can be learned by anyone.
Over six weeks we will develop your knowledge of that code by building an understanding of musical notation, writing that notation, and playing what’s written. People of all musical backgrounds are welcome.
We will use various instruments (quietly – we’re in the library!) to illustrate what we are learning to write and to read.
*Rhythm. Time value of notes and rests, time signatures. Practice playing various rhythms using claps, slaps and drumsticks.
*Pitch. Treble and bass clef, names of notes. Practice naming notes and combining pitch and rhythm. Whole tones and semitones. Accidentals. Ledger lines.
*Scales and Intervals. Key signatures and octaves. Practice.
*Musical Terms and Signs. Practice, and more practice!

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Rochelle's Glorious Garbage Journey- Guest post

Changing the World One Piece at a Time

When I think back to a year ago, I certainly didn’t expect my life to have turned out the way it is today. I pick up litter almost on a daily basis and it is the most rewarding thing I’ve done with my life so far. 

After graduating from an environmental science program I leapt around from contract to contract without finding any solid work, which is the case for many graduates in my field. I felt the need to have something more stable in my life, but what? I started doing litter cleanups everywhere I went and documented the results through social media, my friends and followers loved this. There’s something very gratifying about seeing a mess, cleaning it up, and leaving the space better than it was before. After a few weeks of litter cleanups I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to see what I’d find the next time I went out. I travelled around from place to place with a garbage bag and a clipboard, taking note of each item collected. It’s been a year now and this glorious garbage journey has flourished into a non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness about the issues surrounding litter around the globe.

When people ask me what I do and I tell them about “A Greener Future” they’re usually surprised that I started and run the organization all on my own. It wasn’t very long after I started picking up litter that I realized that I was doing something that I loved and cared about and I decided why not take it to the next level? It is a lot of work but even if A Greener Future hadn’t come to be I’d probably still be out there picking up litter. Is it worth it to put so much time into something without being paid? Yes, if it’s something you love. I couldn’t imagine my life without A Greener Future. It’s my voice, my inspiration, my community, and a way to help improve the future by bringing like-minded people together. 

Once you’ve taken part in litter cleanups regularly your eyes become more focused on seeing every little piece. You wouldn’t believe how much litter you pass on a daily basis and probably don’t notice, especially cigarette butts. It’s literally everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t think it could end up. While the issue of litter can be depressing I do my best to keep posts positive, lighthearted, educational, and even mix a bit of humour in there should I pick up something particularly interesting. Being an advocate for the environment definitely has it’s ups and downs. I love making an impact and seeing positive change, but you would not believe the number of people who actually stand up for litter. I’ve heard every excuse in the book: there aren’t enough trash bins around, my litter creates employment, or it’s just going back to nature. The thing is litter affects everyone in one way or another. It has negative health impacts especially when it contaminates our water sources, it depreciates property values, increases pest infestations, reduces tourism, harms wildlife, imbalances ecosystems, destroys natural beauty, and even promotes crime.…..You know littering is a crime, right?

I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of support I have received over the past year from friends and strangers alike. After a full year of collecting trashy treasures on my own and with the help of some fabulous volunteers the litter total has reached over 150,000 pieces. I have cleaned up litter in Canada, the US, The Bahamas, Spain and Portugal. And I have reached millions through social media. I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out and I encourage others to follow their hearts and do what matters to them. I hope if I put in enough time and passion I can grow this non-profit into a global movement that is sustainable and gives people something to talk about. The environment affects everyone, and I’m going to do my part to help create A Greener Future for generations to come, even if it is just one piece at a time.

Rochelle Archibald
Founder/Executive Director
A Greener Future 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

David Suzuki's Queen of Green program comes to Kawartha Lakes again, but with a twist...

Last spring with David Suzuki's Queen of Green I green coached 8 families in their homes- this fall I'm taking it to the class room...

Please join me for this FREE course and challenge at the new Free University of Kawartha Lakes

Green Living 101

Starting Tuesday's on September 22 at 6pm for 6 weeks

At the Free U (Lindsay Public Library)

“We stuck with everything that we tried out in this challenge because it saved us money and it’s good for the lakes- the city’s biggest asset. That makes sense. I encourage anybody that wants to discover easy at home ways to ‘go green’ to join Julia for the Green Living Challenge”
- Tammy and Andy Letham

Week 1- Chemical Free House (Sept 22)
Discover how to reduce your exposure to toxins in your household in a simple, inexpensive way that will improve your health. Try out new green habits with the rest of the class and learn what works for you.

Week 2- Chemical Free Body (Sept 29)
Gain valuable insights into eliminating chemicals in self care practices. Master label reading and attempt a toxic free living challenge alongside the whole class.

Week 3- Clean Eating (Oct 6)
Pick up healthy eating habits and help the environment after learning about whole foods, ingredient reading, and food waste prevention. Save green and eat green in this clean eating class challenge.

Week 4- Clean Environment (Oct 13)
Get the hang of lowering your carbon footprint by learning how to manage energy and water consumption to reduce pollution. Pick easy real life goals with your classmates and discover what works your shade of green.

Week 5- Recycle Reduce Reuse (Oct 20)
Major in recycling and minor in zero waste living with this goal oriented waste reduction course and challenge designed to have a huge impact on your wallet and our landfill.

Week 6- Creating Community (Oct 27)
Learn how to create a green community and get involved at a level that suites you. Find purpose in bettering your community by being your true self. This final chapter will also include hands on tutorial chosen by students.

A message from the Queen of Green herself...

Welcome to the David Suzuki’s Queen of Green Coaches project.

Your dedicated coach is a David Suzuki Foundation volunteer who will work closely with the Queen of Green, to help you tackle green living themes.

Each course will help fire up your commitment to green living practices you already have in place and establish new ones, too. Not only is it easy and fun, what's certain is that once you've taken that first step, you're going to take another.

To date more than 250 families across the country have participated and it works. For example, last session 75 per cent of families felt that having a coach helped inspire change their home. Plus it’s free of judgment and guilt.

To begin this journey, consider:

  • What are you already doing to lower your footprint on the planet?
  • What are some of the biggest obstacles to a greener lifestyle?
  • How can your coach help you reach those goals?

Please share stories throughout your adventure—challenges and successes— with your coach AND your networks, too.
What can you do today?
Join the Queen of Green Coaches Facebook Group

  • Subscribe to the Queen of Green monthly digest
  • Follow @QueenofGreen on Twitter
  • Tell your coach you’re ready to become a Queen (or King) of Green in your own right!
Warning: be prepared to become an inspiration!
Lindsay Coulter
David Suzuki's Queen of Green

Spaces are limited so please register in advance by calling 
or emailing

Look forward to meeting you, and as always thanks for reading my blog- I appreciate your support!

Julia Taylor