Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Learn to Read Music for Free in Lindsay

How To Read Music

Wednesday nights 
Sept 23 to October 26 2015
6 pm  

How to Read Music (for beginners and experienced musicians who skipped that step). 
Instructed by Wendy Mortimer

Musicians communicate precisely how to play a song by writing notes in a way that is a “code” that can be learned by anyone.
Over six weeks we will develop your knowledge of that code by building an understanding of musical notation, writing that notation, and playing what’s written. People of all musical backgrounds are welcome.
We will use various instruments (quietly – we’re in the library!) to illustrate what we are learning to write and to read.
*Rhythm. Time value of notes and rests, time signatures. Practice playing various rhythms using claps, slaps and drumsticks.
*Pitch. Treble and bass clef, names of notes. Practice naming notes and combining pitch and rhythm. Whole tones and semitones. Accidentals. Ledger lines.
*Scales and Intervals. Key signatures and octaves. Practice.
*Musical Terms and Signs. Practice, and more practice!

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