Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Do you remember the presents you got for Christmas when you were a kid?

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Back in Grade 6 at Langton PS in Mr Somer's class I won an essay writing contest with The Fenelon Falls Gazette about the meaning of Christmas.

I wrote about giving instead of receiving- probably trying to score brownie points to get more presents. If only I had of known all of the things I know now back then...

“Dear 11 year old Julia,

It is me, Julia- the smarter, older you from the future. I'm writing to tell you that I do not remember one single gift that I received at Christmas, or any gift I gave, nor do the people that received these gifts remember what I gave them. 

What I do remember is how my mom let me decorate the house and the tree, and even her restaurant. I remember fondue on Christmas Eve and family meals around my grandparent’s tables. I remember having the whole week to hang out with my brothers and staying in our pyjamas for the whole Christmas day.

I’m telling you this because Christmas is not about giving or receiving, it is about time. Time spent with people that you love, and if I could trade in every Barbie and Ninja Turtle doll that I got, I would trade it for more time with my family to make more memories. So when you write your meaning of Christmas essay and your letter to Santa ask for presence not presents.

Ask for experiences."

This Christmas show your love to your family and this beautiful earth by giving presence not presents.

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