Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hydro One donates 200 trees to be planted in Kawartha Lakes!

Ask and you shall receive!

Recently Hydro One has been cutting down and trimming trees in my neighborhood, I appreciate their efforts to protect the lines and keep my hydro on, however it is sad to see so many healthy trees chopped down.

So I asked them (actually I tweeted at them) if they would replace lost tree cover and they replied that they worked with communities every year to plant trees. Excellent answer! I followed up with an email asking if they had any plans of planting trees in our neighborhood, or city, and offered to help: or if they would purchase some trees for our community to plant. Well what do ya know they said yes!

Hydro One purchased 200 native seedlings from Richardson's Pine Needle Farm for us to plant at Gamiing Nature Centre, and we even get them in time for they're Earth Day Celebration this Saturday!

Come out and plant a tree! It is one of the easiest, funnest, and best ways to take care of our environment! Gamiing offers great educational walking trails and they are committed to protecting our local eco systems.

"As always, our native sisters and brothers will teach us to give thanks to Mother Earth for the bounty provided to us in the tradional native way. "- Gamiing

Check out some more details on the event here

UPDATE-- Communication mix up- Gamiing never planned on planting these on Earth Day-oops:) Most were planted on May 9th but there is still some that need to be planted if you need something to do  head over and talk to Steve or Meike. (May 25th 2015)

Julia Taylor

Thanks to Rusty at Hydro One for getting the trees for us, and Meike at Gamiing for the property to plant them on!