Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Saying 'grace' to this earth

Inspired by a family member at Easter who always delivers well spoken thanks for our meal, I thought I would say grace for this earth, although I'm not religious per se, I am thankful for this place we call home.

Thank you for this earth, your creation. Thank you for the food you provide to nourish myself and the community. Thank you for the water that provides so much life to thrive. You provide everything we need to live healthy lives, and so much more, you provide us with joy, leisure, culture, religion, and love.

May we be thankfull for all that you give and may we learn to give back to you. May we teach those to be thankfull for all that you provide and show them how to give back. May we protect and provide nourishment for you as you do for us.

I grew up in a society, on an earth, that when I am hungry I can go to the fridge or the grocery store to get food. To the tap to get water. To a building constructed of materials given to us by this earth, heated by resources form this earth. I am thankful for all that this earth gives us and I want to give back to it. I want my children to enjoy this same luxury, this same life-and better. We must protect this earth.

Thank you for life. Amen.

Julia Taylor

PS- Next week is Earth Week, lot's of events going on in CKL!