Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4 Tips to extend the life of fresh kale

Say no to droopy leafed kale sitting in your fridge and being ignored because it looks so sad. Follow these steps and you will have fresh crispy kale for weeks.

Wash it and Store it
As soon as you can after purchasing or harvesting it remove leafy part from stock and discard the stock. Put it in the sink or a bowl with water and stir it around in the water. Remove it from the water, give it a shake and put it into a plastic bag or big reusable container. The kale will stay fresh and crispy almost two weeks in the fridge like this- when it gets a little funky it has started to go bad. Also removing the stock is way better for smoothies, took me a while to figure this out.

If you grow kale in your garden....

Less is Lots
Don't grow a whole row unless you eat 5lbs of kale a day, it produces allot! I recommend a 3 foot row or 3-4 plants.

Pick don't Pull
Don't pull the whole plant- just pick the leaves, it will keep on coming all season.

Frost Wont Kill It
Leave the plant and harvest it until it is covered up with snow-it will keep crisp and it will grow again in the spring, a nice early patch of fresh greens! It does go to seed the second year and I just discovered this so I'm not sure yet if it will keep producing eatable leafs after seed- so I planted another small patch, just in case.

Now go get your kale on!

Thanks for reading my blog.
Julia Taylor