Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The secret to getting top dollar for your second hand goods...
Re selling and buying second hand goods is one of best ways we can reduce our footprint, it keeps things out of the landfills, reduces natural resources used for new products, and saves (and earns) us money.

Maybe your not into buying second hand?  Well you can still resell your used items- besides it takes people that wont buy second hand to support the second hand bargain hunters! 

Here are my top tips to prepare your goods to be resold.

Take care of things while you use them
Bust out that stain stick for that dab of spaghetti sauce on that shirt, sew up that tear on the inside of that pocket, use it like you borrowed it and you have to give it back.

Wash it, wash it real good
Take it apart, scrub it with a tooth brush, get in all those little crevices, take any fabric items off and launder them. For clothing or fabric items- pre treat any stains and wash and dry.

In pieces..also in this pic my recent DIY dish soap fail:)

After it is cleaned it looks brand new!

De-lint it
Roll it with the lint roller and pick off all the fuzzies. For those hard to get fuzzies use a shaver, it easily removes and rejuvenates fabrics.

Iron it!
If it is already clean freshen it up in the dryer, button all buttons, tuck in tags, zip all zippers, refold creases, and hit it with the heat. This is by far one of the best ways to make a garment look new!
Look how much difference ironing one leg made.
Cut off stragglers
Remove any stray strings and old crumply out of date tags (except clothing, brands are important for resale)

Fold stuff up all nice like
Fold up material items, repackage them in the box if you happen to have it, even put clothing on hangers.

Make outfits
If you have existing outfits keep them together, or if you have a pair of pants and a shirt that are the same brand and look decent together put it together. (This probably only applies to baby clothing as you often get a set with two or more things that probably wont sell as well on their own)

There is two places in Lindsay that you can take your baby/kids clothing and items to resell. Both have excellent customer service, great deals, and quality items. If your stuff looks good they are more likely to accept the items because they are more likely to sell. Recycled Kids consigns items and pays you out when items sell. Growing Like Weeds purchases your items from you when you bring them in.

Kijiji and local Facebook buy and sell sites are excellent ways to re sell too!

If some of your items get denied please donate them to Vicki's Values, as well as your clothing items that never made into the re sell pile because of stains or being sucky, they recycle them into rags or stuffing, even your old socks!

Thanks for reading my blog!
Julia Taylor