Friday, January 8, 2016

Toxic People Are Bad For Your Environment

Community, connectedness, and compassion
are all important parts of a 'green' lifestyle.

I had an enlightening moment last year- I discovered that people can be toxic.

Someone who has nothing nice to say about anything, including their best friends and people they love. They attract all sorts of bad interactions, bad friendships, and dramatic feuds. They make you feel drained, think bad things about yourself, and can even spread their toxicity to you.

When I realized there was this type of person it was a huge weight off of my shoulders because I realized that I could have this happy life where I didn't feel criticised, where I was surrounded by people who loved and supported me and didn't say or even think bad things about me- once I cut out the toxic people in my life, or at least limited my time with them, and understood they were that way.

This was also a sad process for me. Not only did I realize I have some of these toxic traits, and I have failed interactions and friendships in the past (I can think of a time when I stood in front of a whole group of people talking shit about someone, yup a real dick move) but also how much of it is out there, and being a quasi compassionate person naturally; trying to let go of these people makes me feel sad- I don't want to hurt them. Also now that I'm aware I'm really sensitive to it- I notice it right away in people and I can see how unattractive it is to be a negative Nelly. 

Since I realized this I have been able to curb my own negative thought patterns- check out my blog

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I'm not saying it is easy to let go of negative thought patterns or that all of a sudden I'm a perfect person- I have still failed friendships and interactions with people since I realized this, but the more I become aware of mine and other people's thought process the more I can work on being a better person and having better relationships with people. I also want to say that you should not give up on toxic people all together, after all they are hurt too and maybe you can spread some positivity into their lives.

I'm sharing this personal story because I want the people in my life (including the readers of this blog) to feel supported and loved, free from judgements- and if I'm toxic, or spending time with toxic people I cannot offer that to people, nor will I get it back. 

Compassion and respect for different values is something we have lost touch with- we instead focus on success, having more money, having more stuff- but does having all of that really enhance our lives? Nope- having meaningful relationships with people does.

There is always time to work on being a better person.

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