Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How Kawartha Lakes People Are Going Green

Green living is spreading in The City of Kawartha Lakes and it is all the David Suzuki Foundation's fault. 

Green Living 101 at the FreeU is over and the world is a little greener. In the 6 week program written by Lindsay Coulter (David Suzuki's official Queen of Green). Students were presented with a little education, allot of discussion, and green living goals to challenge themselves - picked by them, for them.

Check out the small things they will try that will have a huge impact on the health of our lakes...

  • Home-made laundry soap X 5
  • Home-made shampoo
  • Try out vinegar to clean X3
  • Switch to reusable feminine products
  • Switch out Teflon pans for cast iron
  • Stop using produce bags
  • Start composting
  • Stop ironing (to save electricity)
  • Committed to recycling better X 7
  • Take shorter showers

Are you passionate about Green Living? Maybe you would like to have this program or a version of it come to your community?  

Build community
Protect the lakes
Be healthy

I will be happy to facilitate or support you in engaging your community group with this easy, fun, green living challenge. Please contact me.

Julia Taylor

PS- I really enjoyed this group and learned so much from them. I look forward to seeing them out and about and hearing about their green adventures!