Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stuff- Get Over It

We want it.

We save for it.

We buy it.

We use it.

We put it in the basement.

We forget about it.

We find it again.

We cant get rid of it.

It stays in the basement for a few more years.

We get rid of it. 

We want stuff. 

We are obsessed- more, bigger, better.

It feels good for 5 minutes after you buy it- then that feeling goes away and we need to buy more of it to get the feeling back.

Its cluttering up our lives and adding no value.

Its making us work harder so we can have more of it. Stealing time from family and fun.

Then it is going to the landfill and cluttering up nature.

Detox from stuff.....for your sanity and for the health of the planet....

Do you have any weird attachments to stuff?

Is there a spot in your basement for stuff 
that you will never use but cant get rid of?

I would love to hear you funny stuff stories.

Thanks for reading my blog!