Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How To Not Be Judged

It's easy to feel judged- 
and than we judge back. Why not stop the cycle and not feel judged in  the first place.

I was out with my kids in Bobcaygeon and of course the morning had taken me too long and my kids were getting 'hangry'. 

I ordered some food to go and grabbed a muffin to distract the kids while waiting. Instead of being distracted one of them rolled around on the floor, got muffin everywhere, and was pretty much acting like a drunk uncle. 

I felt like the other people in the cafe were thinking "oh my god handle your kids". Then I realized- no they are not, they are probably thinking "I remember those days, she has her hands full". 

They were sharing compassion with me, not judging me. I was the one who decided how to feel.

Since then I have been training my brain to think differently and in turn my interactions with people everywhere have been improving dramatically. Here is 3 things I do now to not feel judged.

I saw a documentary once about a man who travelled from India to spread good karma (and brought us yoga). He travelled from India to Canada to spread good karma!! Can you imagine the interactions he had with people? If you set an intention like that before you go into any type of situation the results are going to be positive!! 

Every time a negative thought about someone or a situation comes into my head - I think 3 good things about them. To really put this practise to the test I think about the people that drive me nuts the most.

Think about 3 Good things that happened that day then...

Mantra (repeat after me)

I love myself for the good and the bad
I love everybody else for the good and the bad
I will listen
I will have compassion for others and myself

Day dream

Think about all of the things I wish for and doze off

I still have days when I want to tell everybody to f off, and there is always going to be toxic A holes out there- but the more I practise these things the more natural they come to me, and the better I and everybody around me feel. 

From now on I will make a concious decision to not judge people and instead bring positive energy and acceptance to people- and I will receive it in return.

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Julia Taylor
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