Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Write a Letter to a Company or Politician

If something pisses you off don't just bitch and moan about it- do something about it!

But you better be sweet about it
if you want people to listen...

First paragraph- Spread it on
Start off by thanking them for what they do and how the service they provide is important. Dig deep if you need to and be earnest, you may even have to research them. They key here is if you want to be respected- show respect.

Second Paragraph- Tell your story
Without being overly dramatic tell your story of why their decision/product/service has directly effected you and how it did whatever it did to piss you off. Finish this paragraph with some understanding "I can relate to having a bad day a work..."

Third Paragrpaph- The solution
Offer a solution or two, or ask for one- and make sure you offer help in achieving this new policy or target.

Closing Paragraph- Ask for closure
Say your thank you's and ask for a response/decision/or some sort of follow through.

Writing this type of letter is going to be way more productive than putting someone down and telling them how much they suck, it might not get you what you want but I guarantee your chances of getting a response are far better. Don't forget to make sure you are sending the letter or having the conversation with the right person, and keep it as short as you can.

If this doesn't work- just take care of it your self (if applicable) like the Fenelon Falls Take Back The Beach group is doing. They are sick of the bird crap so they are going to organize people to clean it up! Brilliant!

Has this ever worked for you? Would you add anything to it?
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