Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am a selfish volunteer!

Volunteering is a way to give back to the community...blah blah blah!  Guess what- I do it for me, myself, and I !

I'm pretty sure I get way more out of volunteering than the organizations I'm helping here is why;

I get to help the organizations that I think are doing great things achieve their goals and it make ME feel like I did something good for the community/world. It gives ME purpose and meaning.
I get to meet people who are like me, that care about the things I care about- I get to make friends. ME!
I get to fill up my resume with skills that I never would have had before, for example If I tried to apply for an environmental job my business experience would probably never get me an interview, but now that I have experience working on environmental initiatives I just might get a chance- another win for ME!
I meet people in the industry, thus getting me closer to that interview for that job I want- a career doing something I love, that sounds like something that only benefits ME! (you might also get to get up close and personal with a celebrity like I did with David Suzuki's Queen of Green) 
I have fun at these community events- ME!
I get insider access to places and I get to hang out at these places with my kids- so more fun for my family and ME.
I get free shirts and hats with the graphics of the organizations I love- free clothing for ME!

I have never had more purpose and meaning in my life since I decided I wanted to get out there and volunteer, meet my peeps, and make a difference- I hope you will consider how much volunteering can add to your life and set out to find out how you can help yourself to all of these awesome things!

Here is a list of Kawartha Lakes environmental organizations.

Thanks for reading my blog!
Julia Taylor

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