Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Look how small changes make a big difference!

I tried allot of new things in the past three months, did you?

4 Modules 8 Families and 12 weeks later- the world is a little greener. All thanks to David Suzuki's Queen of Green (Lindsay Coulter). She started green coaching 1 family and a few years later 2times a year she is leads 65 coaches who each green 5 families. Next up she will be recruiting coaches to recruit coaches who recruit families!! Talk about making a difference in Canada and to our environment.

She taught us to encourage people to make small green changes through listening, compassion, and understanding. She taught us that being who we are meant to be improves ours, and our whole communities lives. The better we are the better everyone is, and some times fulfilling that can be scary- but she gave us courage. Courage to stand up for what we believe in and show others that they can do the same. She taught us that every little change makes a difference. She developed us into environmental leaders with a purpose. Purpose in our community, in our home, and on this very important place we call home; Earth.

So a big thanks to Lindsey for exploding green all over this country, and a big thank you to my families who enthusiastically participated in the Green Living Challenge. I learned so much and I hope you did too!

Here are all those small changes my families made in their lives that equal a big difference...
Module 1 Waste
Buy products made from recycled products (toilette paper, paper towel, garbage bags) x4
Use less single use/disposable products
Stop using produce bags x2
Compost x4
Recycle better x4
Switch to Diva Cup x2
Bring reusable containers grocery shopping for counter/bulk
Refuse extra waste
Go paperless
Stop using K cups
Use cloth grocery bags
Up-cycle more

Module 2 Food
Meatless Mondays x2
Grow organic food x2
Preserve food x2
Eat more organic/avoid dirty dozen x3
Buy happy eggs
Eating more seasonal x2
Meal plan x2
Eat more local x2
Plant flowers for bees x2
Buy sustainable seafood
Eat less dairy

Module 3 Toxics
Switch to vinegar for cleaning x4
Replacing frying pans with out PFOA when time comes up x3
Make own candles
Try out eco or DIY soaps/detergents/beauty products x7
Buy glass instead of cans

Module 4 Community
Participate in or host a litter clean up
Find women’s circle
Find local green spaces
Host a DIY beauty product party

Here is the goals I picked...

DIY Toothpaste- love it
DIY Dish soap-huge fail
‘No Poo’ shampoo- 50/50 on this still
Switched to the Diva Cup- love it
Hosted a litter clean up/adopted my road
Buy a yogurt maker-future goal

Maybe you would like to be a Queen of Green Coach in the next Green Living Challenge? Stay tuned this fall for your opportunity!!

Cheers to The Queen of Green and The David Suzuki Foundation for the important work they do in our national community, be sure to follow them and support them in any way you can!

Thanks for reading my blog! I have been at it for a few months now and would love to hear your feedback, or maybe there is something you want me to post about??

Julia Taylor