Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chemical Free Home-Home made laundry soap

Home made laundry soap- Roughly $2 for 7 Litres.

Full recipe by David Suzuki's Queen of Green here
Ingredients at Jo Anne's Place in Lindsay

Help protect the local lakes and your health by going chemical free in your home with this easy to make, super inexpensive, quality laundry soap. It takes ten minutes to make and is great for cloth diapers. All the ingredients can be found in the City of Kawartha Lakes!

Here is what you need...

1 cup of Soap flakes
1/2 cup of Borax
3/4 cup of Washing soda
7L of water

A jug or pail big enough to fit 7L- a  lid would be nice but not necessary. I use a reused cat litter jug.
A wide mouth funnel. I use my canning funnel.
A pot big enough to fit 7L, although there is a way around it that I will explain.

Heat soap flakes with 1L of water until dissolved.(high heat)
Add 3L of water, borax, and washing soda, stir and keep warming after a few minutes add 3L of water and keep stirring. Pour into you jug/pail.

If you have a pail you will need to stir it every so often until it cools and gels, if you have a jug with a lid you can leave it until you need it and just give it a good shake. You may need to give it  a good shake every so often if it separates.

If you don't have a pot big enough to heat all of the water and ingredients at once just heat the first litre with soap flakes and add the rest of water, borax, and washing soda into the pail and stir it for a good few minutes.

I have tried adding essential oils while making the recipe as well as directly into each load of laundry and it really doesn't make a difference, if I ever figure out how to add a nice scent to my laundry I will let you know!

I purchased ingredients for roughly $30 and it lasted me 3 years and I use cloth diapers so I do a lot of laundry. Big time savings with this soap as well as protecting health and the environment by going chemical free and reducing packaging waste!

Julia Taylor @soGreenithurts