Sunday, February 22, 2015

No Mow Lawns

No Mow Lawns

Save money, reduce your Co2 footprint, and do less chores with a No Mow lawn!

 A 'No Mow Lawn' is a one that requires very little cutting, maintenance, and water yet still looks like a traditional green grass lawn.

When I heard about no mow lawns I wondered - why are we spending our spare time and money cutting the lawn every week? 
If I had a no mow lawn I would not have to purchase gas, fertilizer, or hydro and water to irrigate. I will not have to spend valuable spare time cutting the grass every week, not to mention the mower will need less maintenance. I will also be an environmental steward. Cutting less grass means putting less green house gasses into the atmosphere. Lakes and drinking water will benefit from little or no fertilizers, and most no mow mixes provide nutrition for pollinators.

That is why I purchased white clover to seed our lawn this year. With many other varieties available like ‘mini mow mix’ or ‘flowering lawn’ and  ‘eco lawn mix ‘ I chose the clover because it specifically says do not fertilize or apply pesticides ,is very reasonably priced,  and is drought resistant. We will seed the yard in sections starting with the hard to mow parts and can expect to cut back on mowing as early as next year. After a few years of seeding it will establish itself into a fancy eco friendly low growing green carpet. Clover is also a favourite forage crop for honey bees!

So let me just recap that- if you chose a no mow lawn you will be...saving money. Doing less chores. Saving the planet. Saving the water. Saving the bees and your yard will always be GREEN!

Sounds pretty smart to me!

Check out OSC to order your own or other varieties here

Julia Taylor@soGreenithurts