Monday, February 23, 2015

Animals need to eat clean too!

Have you ever read the ingredients in animal kibble?
This is our 7 year old black lab Hali drooling for her dinner. We switched her from kibble to a raw diet when she was about 1 year old.

When she was a pup and had her first shots she had bad reactions with spells of seizures. One month and $1000 later we had no answers to what exactly was wrong with her and/or what we could do to prevent them. It was around the same time I became aware of weird ingredients in my food and decided to read the label on her kibble, well no big surprise it had weird stuff too, so I started researching and found that a raw diet seemed to be the healthiest most natural diet for our best friend and first child.

Along with the seizures Hali also had terrible breath (not too unusual) and stinky ears mites all the time. When we made the switch the terrible smells went away, as well as the seizures, and we are always getting compliments on her coat and physical shape- she looks incredibly healthy.

We feed her 1lb a day (recommended for her weight). She gets chicken necks/backs one day, and 'dog meat mixture' the next day, costing us about the same price as a vet recommended high end kibble and providing all of her dietary needs (bone, meat, and organs).

We get it at Nesbitt's Meat Market in Lindsay for $2-$4 per pound. It also uses up some meat/parts that may otherwise go into the trash, so it reduces waste. Speaking of less waste, we never have to clean up poo in the back yard, we rarely see it. It just vaporizes-like magic!

There is a few other local retailers K9Raw (website also has allot of info about going raw) and Meat and Bones.

Dogs need to eat clean too!

Julia Taylor
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