Monday, February 23, 2015

Second Hand Wedding Dress- Heart the Planet

When I was planning my wedding 4 years ago I took into considerations the waste and environmental impacts of the event. One of the ways I tried to reduce my impact was to purchase my wedding dress second hand.

Some people might not be into this, but it saves you cash, and we all try to do that when planning these elaborate events. If you think of it, it is such a waste, you pay allot of money for the dress, wear it once, and than what? Some people preserve them. I'm not sentimental, I actually think it is a little weird and have a word for collecting material things-hoarding. Some people do a photo shoot and trash them, sounds super fun, but the dress is garbage after that. If your lucky enough not to have anybody spill a rum and coke on you and you get it dry cleaned in time to get the stain off, you can resell. (That happened to me, my dress currently sits in a chest awaiting my daughters dress up years because of stains.)

I had to go out of town to purchase the dress because at the time there was no local consignment retailer. I had a budget of $1000, but truthfully I wanted to spend only a couple hundred, I just said $1000 to not sound cheap. I ended up buying this beautiful designer dress for the $1000, but it was originally purchased for $6000 dollars! Making me look quite expensive! I even won a photo shoot with the consignment shop and had some fun, creative pic's done with the dress. So all in all it was a fantastic experience, oh and it was the first shop I went to and the third dress I tried on!

The shop I went to was Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique, it was really nice and the service was excellent! There is a really nice shop in Peterborough now too called Menzies House. Kijiji is a good source to if you don't mind trying on a dress at a strangers house.

Please consider buying a second hand dress if you are planning your big day and if you are not into it consider re selling your dress, just make sure you have it dry cleaned right away to get any stains out!

Julia Taylor