Friday, February 27, 2015

Fight rising hydro costs!

Take control of rising hydro costs: Use less!

I’m sure you have heard a million times to use less power during peak period; by making small changes and adjustments to large appliance use,  you can really see the difference on the bottom line of your monthly hydro bill. However running the dryer is one of the biggest contributors to your total power usage regardless of what time you use it.

Every fall when it starts getting too cold to hang laundry on the line I forget how much of a difference it makes and slip back into using the dryer, then I get a huge hydro bill and bust out my indoor drying rack. For an extra ten minutes of my day I can max out this bad boy and save money while reducing my footprint and help save the world.

I have made it work for me by doing a load of laundry every night (after 7pm of course) this is how I stay on top of the unstoppable growing laundry pile. It needs the time to hang and dry so you cannot expect to do a bunch of loads at once.

The size of the load matters, although I can get a pretty large load on this little wire thing! I try to do a ¾ load to make sure I have the space. To max it out start on the middle and bottom racks hanging medium stuff, move onto the top racks that have enough space to hang longer/larger items, and then use all of the small socks and things to fill in the leftover spaces. I throw heavier things like jeans on the back of my dining room chairs and I use the dryer for sheets, towels, and diapers.

I guarantee this will lower your hydro bill and reducing hydro is an important part of fighting climate change.

You can purchase one of these racks at any Home Hardware in the Kawartha’s for $16.99!
Julia Taylor